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Scientific products

Scientific products

1-Grass seeds containing endophyte

Two species of Tall Fescue (Festuca arundinacea) and Perennial Ryegrass (Lolium prenne) are used as lown and forage which are native to Iran. In recent years, with evaluating the germplasm collected from different parts of the country, self-pollinated lines with high yield and resistant to dehydration of both species have been produced. Therefore, given that the two species are very useful in landscaping and profitability of the product is also very high; investments on the production and distribution of these lines are highly welcomed.


2 - High-yield and pest-resistant safflower

Safflower is a drought tolerant plant native to Iran with high quality of oil. This plant is very susceptible to various pests such as safflower fly which significantly damage seed yield. In recent years, the gene responsible for safflower fly resistance was transmitted to cultivated species from wild species. New variety named SaffIran has black seed coat color and is very resistant to pests and at the same time produce higher seed yield compared to white ones. Seed companies and farmers will find the new line promotive and productive.


 3 - Plant phytotron and LED incubators  

Plant incubator is a closed environment providing environmental factors such as light, temperature and moisture for growing healthy plants. This device is used by agricultural research laboratories, college members and research institutions and also greenhouse keepers and flower sellers for testing, research and production of all kinds of sprouts and seedlings. Lighting system installed in old fashioned incubators is fluorescent light which due to poor quality and having ultraviolet ray results in poor plant growth. In the last three years, incubators equipped with LED (light emitting diode) light have been constructed that not only make plant growth faster but also increase the quantity and quality of plant production. Using this device, plant growth can be higher than greenhouse and field conditions. Furthermore, there is possibility to equip greenhouses and the other closed environments for flower and plant development by the LED system as well. Production of plants at the shortest time is the specific feature of this system. For more information, consultation and order please contact us.

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